Can I See You Yesterday?

2016 Era of Edward


"Can I see you yesterday?"

Kisses fall like painter's snow

On oil laced canvases of grey

On brillant blue.

"Can I see you a week ago?"

Lips on lips and breath on breath

Sunlight picks up the autumn glow

On satin skin.

Brown eyes to brown eyes

Time on time

Tell me you're mine


"I am yours."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my chest chilling question, "When can I see you again?"...I rephrased and ask, "When do you want to see me again?"

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I especially like the note,

I especially like the note, it reads as coy banter. Great work :)

Let your teeth show

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First date after weeks maybe a month of talking/courting by phone and text...we got the banter down :)

Thinking of lengthening it to summer then spring references..The snow came from he knows someone that paints with snow, artifical snow mixed in paint I guess...