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Edward a Latino artist from Burlington...too far away to be lovers, he pursues me still as I say no and no and no again. He is the inspiration to my lament of Senior dating.  He would profess his undistracted attention and the ability to make a long distance relationship work. Then he woudn't text or call for days. I finally came to the conclusion he was after all 69 years old and maybe he has dementia and forgets he has a girlfriend in Raleigh.  I no longer have to worry, as a senior dating while gray, that a man is a player but I do have to worry if he has old timers disease. Not a subject to laugh at.  After I said no again and he got the idea I meant it, I decide to call after 2 weeks and see how he was.  I know I said no.  So, I texted instead, and his reply,? "Who is this?"  Seeee?  He didn't remember me!  He says he got a new phone and lost his contacts...yeah Right! lol

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1 Can I See You Yesterday 2 10 2019/09/17 5 weeks ago
2 Can I See You Yesterday? 2 119 2018/11/21 2 years ago
3 Colors 2 112 2016/11/16 3 years ago