2016 Era of Edward

Colors of the mind

Fill the painted panel's edge,

With reds in copious amount.

Strands of turquoise

Like the sea

Spin and twirl up to it ledge. 

The perimeter of paint

Spilling into the world

Knowing no boundary

And the colors of the heart. 


Colors of the heart

Light his face

With smiles of dappled sunlight

And the greens of the sheltering trees. 

The yellow dancing hues

In his thoughts of her

Careening in joyous motion

Around and around

Busting through the blue boundaries

In the colors of the mind. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to a painter friend. Love the challege write me a poem with smile. 

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Goodread Smile



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Love yo stuff yo. So

Love yo stuff yo. So beautiful it be