Jealousy Without the Green



I’m jealous of the air, you breath

Of the town, that holds you and

The aura, that surrounds you.

I’m jealous of the things, you touch

The views, you see

And the objects, that intrigue you.

I envy the people that you meet,

That see you smile

That fill your day.


I’m jealous of the night, that darkens

Makes your shadow, lengthen

Your body, tire

I’m jealous of the bed, you sleep on

The sheets, that wrap you

The spoon, I can’t be

I envy those that can touch you

Be in your arms reach

Be part of your night.


I’m jealous of the distance, between us

The miles, that hinder us

The time, that taunts us

I’m jealous of the sun, the stars, the moon, the wind

I’m jealous of the rain, the trees, the grass, the leaves

I’m jealous of the bricks, the stones, and the pathways

in your life

I’m jealous of all

And I’m jealous, of nothing


You breath with me from afar

You touch me in your mind

You share with me your intrigues

Your bed is where you dream of me

Bring to me, inside your aura

To your flesh that I crave.

Ignoring the town

That surrounds

Envious of our



Yet, I’m jealous still, of the azure

breath, that licks your skin,

Touches, your face,

And Traces, you neck

Jealous still of the ground, that

Holds you, carries you,

Supports you

As I, will, when the world

Surrounding us

Is the same.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Soon to be in the same postal code.

update: long distance doesn't work well, though we are friends it maybe awhile before the gears turn to make us lovers again. cio'

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mrpoofs's picture

your mind is so beautiful.

your mind is so beautiful. Youve got me green.

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This is an easy one to intrerpet. :) Thank you for all your comments on my other poems. 

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great write,full of sentiment and longing

ron parrish

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That it is

Definitely longing for his visit in more or less 21 days...and whose counting

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a happy visit. ~allets~



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Come and gone.

Reminds me of this a poem I wrote in 2001 

Title I was Thinking. 

I was thinking last night
How I wished it were the morning
Instead of the evening.
For if it were
The morning
Instead of the evening,
I'd be waiting for you
Instead of missing you.

things never change