Like a Unicorn in the Garden.


I don't know how you feel.

Your eyes see me in awe
You look at me, I melt. 
Like a unicorn 
in the garden,
Like the chalice of Ardagh,
You hold my face,
Reverend and rare.
Found and restored  
You have come back to me
Your eyes see me
In awe.
But, you hide as you always do
What is behind that adoration 
With miscommunication 
And unanswered requests. 
For your time. 
Loneliness ensues 
Capturing solitude
Holding an empty space
For you. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 


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mrpoofs's picture

creating the impossible? Hmmm

creating the impossible? Hmmm

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Tell how so

What do you see me saying?

He treats me like a rare sighting or phenomenon, making me feel special and unique then vanishes like the rarity he relished.  I'm hurt by his absense...thinking I offended him or demanded too much instead of letting it be the Haley's Comet of my love life...

Thank you for the read.


He is the man I wrote "We Picnicked in Bed" in the Folder: For the Gentleman Ted

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I guess I saw feelings for

I guess I saw feelings for someone that werent replicated but wanted to be, slowly disappearing from you grasp as you searched for meaning in the obsolete. I dunno lol

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Yes Unrequited love but not

Thanks you for responding.  I was trying to figure out what creating impossible meant..Yes trying to create a relationship out of nothing or the end.  What I was going for is  when he is present, he is "present" and when he is gone he is gone.  I feel so special in his eyes... He tends to ghost out of my life without explanation.  And he's not a player or married...just a sweet tender man.He's gone again...It's not me I didn't know that when I wrote this...I'll have to wait another 15 years for him to come drink wine with me....Thanks

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Ah I gotcha. Miss the point

Ah I gotcha. Miss the point sometimes due to my denseness. And anytime, I like yo stuff

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I shouldn't be so pedantic and just let you enjoy it. Thank you for likin it