And They Are Gone


I gobble up men

Like a packman head.

Mow them down

Leave them for dead.

Step on their chests,

Exploding bones.

Grind their hearts,

Make them moan.


Picking bones from my teeth

The feast was complete

No cutlery to depose of

No leftover meat.

The trap had been laid,

Execution divine

The trap they fell into

Totality by design.


As I turn to leave,

Cock my head to see,

What is left on the ground

Is that me?

They’ve gobble me up

As I lay out my heart.

Played me for sure


As they stealthily part.


They thought they had played

A player with skills

Got away with their hearts

Even had a great thrill

When they lay, in state

Between climax and world

The vortex struck

Like a Shaitan’ skirl.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love men, but somehow lately I am not liking them....

How about Charlatan skirl  or a flesh eating demon of the female persuasion.  Any suggestions? Succubus?

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allets's picture

Devoured By Demons?

Humans would die out as a species. Metaphorically, men would die out and end the species metaphorically. Like pandemic with no one immune, like the dinosaurs, stars gone nova. Men sometimes, yes, but I wish them at least continuance. Hmmmm... ~A~



djtj's picture

Not a pandemic

not all men, seems to be just the men I meet. They use me then I'll use them and when they think they are safe... bam. Devoured.  I love men. Gobble em up in a good way. Just didnt like getting played. I got hurt and was mad at the whole gender. im over it for now. It's safe for them to come out