What Do I Want


What do I want.

I want to fall in love.
I want to write book 
I want to sell the book
I want to fall in love. 
What do I need. 
I need to fall in love.  
I need to watch my weight
I need to lift some weights
I need to fall in love. 
Needs and wants
Loves and love. 
Wants and needs 
Love and did I
Perhaps mention 
I want to fall in love.   
Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was going to be a to do list of what wanted but the same things kept coming up. I need to add, with someone who has fallen in love with me. 

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well,roses are red,violets

well,roses are red,violets are blue,the wordman has fallen for you !

now there you go,watch out for what you wish for !

ron parrish

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i was always told that, I was also told to be specific when asking or praying for something,  so I wrote, God Please Send Me in 2004. I am still in pursuit.

But happy to know someone inTennessee has fallen. Which of your many poems should I read.


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You Made Me Laugh

So on point. Well writ this. ~A~