He’s your surrogate

Made of cloth

Button eyes and a stitched nose

Hugged and kissed

Soft fur to rough

I’ve talk to him

As I would talk

to you

And at times

As talk would go

He talks to me

As I  

Would have


Talk to me

Clever little

Bundle of cloth

That bear you gave

To me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cute white stuffed polar bear recieved as a gift Valentines Day 2016.  Presented with a florish from under a topcoat in the dead of winter, I melted.  I use to think it silly to give grown women stuffed animals, until I recieved one when not expected. And it looks just like him.:)

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Stuffed Bear

Magic to make you smile. No editing required. Well said.  - A -



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aw man this is nice. Those

aw man this is nice. Those gifts hold whispers...

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They do hold whispers. I like that. 

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Simply beautifu!

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Still tweeking it Too many To Me's or not enough to empahize the repeating.  What do you think.

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I love it! It's sentimental & honest, and poetic, which is hard to do. I'm an editing freak, I'd say trust yourself. i didn't see anything that made me stumble. Your words flowed & the idea and emotion hit home! ;-)

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Editing Feak

Ooo An Editing freak Could you help with Kiss of the Groom ?  Having trouble with the ending, which I left off and put in the comment sector for opinions.