2. Silver Gold a story Part II

Continued from  part 1

Please read chapter 1 first


Rough Draft really rough draft 


She bolted like the thunder

Captured in the hollows

mountains and valleys

Echoing portent of rain

She ran fast down the street

Clutching her coat

In a mad dash of the sane

What was that premonition

That kismet of excitement

What was that

That echoed in


The thread was weaving

Its charms like a tangle

She fought it with her


As she ran down the street.

She had to get home

Get away from the ions

The atoms of his form

That she saw so clearly

So clinging to her heart

It ached from it absence

No longer there

Her heart beat grew louder

As she approached her

Safe haven

Entering quickly

She slams the door.


She leans breathing

The breath of the


Holding the door

Against all she’d been


He had her this stranger

He knew her

This stranger

How had she escaped

How will she

Circumvent the Cognoscenti

This specialist of her soul


She hears that it is quiet now

No call from the street

He did not follow


as she ran from his


What did he want from her

What did he need

What did he see

In her little girl


Panic and pathos

For her missing heart

She dressed slowly

In flannel and lace

Lace on her skin

Flannel covers her arms

As she crawls to

The sheltered being

Of her bed

The chimera of the evening

Fades from her


She clutches

at the hollow of her

Chest, crying for something

She didn’t know that was missing

Where is he

She wonders

Why isnt he here

Why wouldn’t she allow

His tender touches

That seared

Her skin to his fingertips

Traced on her neck

As he brought her lips close

And he whispered her name

Why wouldn’t she allow

After he pulled her from her hollow

And lead her to the corridor

Down pass brightly lit


To the dark lighted hall

Rooms full of beds

Shadowed deep and forbidding

As he choose one and entered

Her hands trailing in his

She stumbled at first

What was his intentions

Little girl she hears her mind say

Little girl don’t be afraid

But it was him that she heard

As he caused her to sway.

Their bodies ignited

Through shirts and a blouse

And his lips charred

Her mouth as she finally gave in


Like finding home

The embrace in the form

Of forever

Encompassing her

So making her whole

The kiss soft and not urgent

Taking its time

Finding her rhythm

Answering her back

His kissed with his thoughts

She could see where they lead

And she went there unheeded

She would never have guessed

That this was her body

All calming and quiet.


And the kiss,

To hear the kiss, as a,

In this dinlessness,

As an


of words

I want what you are,


I need what you are


Please take what I am


She fell into the blackness

That carried her soul

Over the want

Into the need


He was backing her up slowly

Taking small steps

with each kiss

Edging undulating their movements

Towards the an insiduous landing.

On comforter and pillows

As she lands she is startled


Aware of her surroundings

But he presses her lips

And she surrenders again.

"I want to make love to you."

The kisses are speaking

"I want to make love slow

Slow slow love

To you and hold you naked

Cradle you gently

Kiss you and maybe even spank you

If you dare to say no.

But not here my dear

No not here."

She could feel the thread

Tighten and she let out a gasp

And she looked at the man

A stranger she did not know.


That’s all she remembers

Until she’s flannelled and laced

Her dreams fill with

Filament turning silver

To gold.

A lion heated goat

With a serpentine tail


I want what you are,


I need what you are


Please take what I am



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rough Draft

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Sassylass's picture


Well written, longer than usual.

You are ions away from finished poem


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



djtj's picture

Longer than Usual

I've been challenged by the Director, my mentor and former muse, to write a long form narrative poem, novel length.  This is the rough rough draft of the 2nd chapter.  I invite you to read the first chapter as well  unless you have already.  And I am eons of ions away, I like that from finished.  


Nocnitsa's picture

"Get away from the ions The

"Get away from the ions

The atoms of his form"



 "charred" "seared" evocative images. 



"I have become a second generation cosmic being, I am conceived in the womb of nature, in my own mind... In the womb of the universe."

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Rough outline, just cant keep this stuff to myself.  Publish it like a Dickens story one chapter at a time.  Atoms and ions seem super natural yet based in science with energy and changability.  Glad you liked it

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a Poetic Novel.

I will check out chapter I. ~A~



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All very rough drafts Just need a place to keep them as i work.  Thoughts Ideas welcomed.

My comments in Chapter one should shine some light on the process.