Dangle It Baby


You kinda leave me dangling           

Dangling like an angling

You leave me angling

For a bit of your dangle

Jangle Jangle Jangle 

My brain is candling

Looking for your angle

Your reason to keep me dangling

You leave me dangling



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Sassylass's picture



I hate that.

You rhymed it so well though !

Don't dangle

Dang it 

Koko ~


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



allets's picture

Love the line...

"...My brain is candling..." I laughed at that fine rhyming probably because my own brain is doing that more frequently :D. ~A~




djtj's picture

A fine line

I like that line as well Probably the best word in the whole group.  I was jangled for some angling words LOL