When the Caller ID Says Hope



Hope was ringing,

                 I did not answer

What need they of me,

                 they'll leave a message.

What needs me of they,

                  that is the question

I can't answer

                  Because I did not respond

When Hope came ringing.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a ditty to remark on the Caller Id on my house phone that listed Hope as the orgin of the call.

I did not answer.

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Like it.

Like it.

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I changed a word.  I wrote it quick thinking to use it as an anchor to a longer piece.  I think its good as it lies.  Thanks for the read

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Hope On A Rope

I met hope a long time ago. We had a long long talk, then Hope went its way and I followed. ~ Lady A ~



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Guess I shoulda answered but

Guess I shoulda answered but I think they might have asked for money and I am hopeless in that department.

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Hope For Hire


like a wrong number

a bad direction, hope

comes to confuse

and leaves questions.


Sometimes, hope fills

a promise gap and gets

you there timely.


Eternally spouting

the rain water if later,

fertilizer optional

in life's reprieved



Hope, you tease and posture

or stand resolute like

a faithful companion.

In that you are so very



Stella Crews






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I like

comes to confuse and leaves questions.