I Play Cool


I play cool, he said I cool, that cool

Nothing I harp on change

So, no harp, no part, just cool

Cool heart, cool play, cool beans

We see

I play cool

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Playing it cool Did he mean You are very cool.  thumbs up Or You're very cool Question mark.

Im going with thumbs up.  Just keeping it together or there'll be nothing. Enjoying it until its over.  Makes no sense to air out grievances that make no sense in a properly outlined affair.  It is what it is, isuwisu, hold on that.  What?You gonna elaborate. Elaborate he did...

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interesting idioms surround it like ~ be cool, too cool, cool jazz, real cool, cool it, coolin it (root of chill/chillin) I'm cool. Love its versatile evolution.



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Thanks for readung

Thanks I hear the first cools as kool almost like quewl, in Carribean island speak, choppy.  No harp no part.  If I just play it cool and not harp on things that are have no bearing he won't leave, or part.  And the end of a text conversation about the direction of the relationship he says You're very cool.  Meaning you are cool, you listen, you understand.  So I be cool, with a wave of the hands as in all safe. And he stayed until he had to leave not because he wanted to leave.