Heart Torn Symmetry


You tore my heart in half

Folded it first 

And ripped it

For symmetry.

My equally divided heart

In each of your hands

Slips slowly

To the floor

Where you stomp on it,

Jump up 



on it,

Do a little dance

On it,

Get down tonight,

Smashing it 

Like a spent cigarette.

But you pick it up,

Oh my,

To flap jack it

into a

Butter churn

Where you

pulverize it


to butter,

Drawing it out

With a knife

You slather it on

A cracker

And eat it.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

All the men I consider my muses have done this to my heart.  I literally picture them taking my heart churning it into butter and eating it.

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I Have No Male Muses Anymore

All 3 of them died - heart attacks. Died young too. I remember them as food consumed, swallowed whole. Such is the fate if muses and the inspired which explains all these bite marks. In the market for a new one ~(: D)- 



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Kindred Spirit

Muses should be careful around you! And me!  Have lost a host to heart attack as well.  And not the poetic version.  My search is on as well.