Lover's Gaze



turned my mind to the world outside

And saw the frost perched on the sun

In mystic balance, it froze in space

Hazed in indifference to the bleached white sky.


Shattering rays of fingered light

Streak the sky in a quiet din

The tide inside me rose to heights

No warmth from the sun meets its crest.


The lover stands and gazes down

I feel his penetration through my mind's

Eye, he follows it to the world outside.

No snow has fallen, but hangs, it hovers.


My body void of nourishing visions

Makes me light in the dawn of cold suns

Thrusting for more from my lovers gaze, the

Chill has left its mark upon that withered stalk.


He stands impotent yet power within his frame

Posed solidly before the window light

Head resting on the sill, his forearm to

Forehead, pressed against cold panes

I speak not but gaze at my lover's gaze

Down the hill to the land 

Beyond the gate, hanging open

Suspended in a frozen swing.


You're going, I reach to touch him

The short intake of breathe as he turns

With his back to the frosty sun

He dissolves into my distant memory.


I turn my mind to the world outside

And see the frost perched on the sun

Pulling up my chilly sheath, I

Press my skin against cold panes.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Started in 1973 finished or revised in 2016

From the file Early Works

I took this verse out does nothing to the plot

I roll over to look out the window

A chill against my back

The coverlet is clutched high

Sheathing me from the cold


It was redundant becasue i was already looking out the window And I was already cold Did noting to advance the story line.

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Mesmerizing Mood

You feel the chill of that indifferent frost coated sun



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My favorite spot is he dissolves into my distant memory They are here and then they are gone as fast as that.  Thanks for the read.