Three Short Poems

1971 Teen Notebook

Shadows playing

Games of solitude

As red lights

And saddness

Surrounds the paper of words.

~Nov 2, 1971


I don't plan to stay too long

I might not stay at all

It's just that now I need the time

And some one place to be.

~Nov 11, 1971


  Now they're

Lined up against 

  A wall

One by one

  They come

Two by two

  They leave


~Nov 2, 1971

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some one place to be From my Teenage notebook 1971 

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I Hope U Stay At PostPoems

FOR~EVER! - ~(:D)- Lady A



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Thank you

As long as its here I will You too~Debbie

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Until Death

or arthritis takes my fingers :D. ~A~