The Peace of Nothing

1971 Teen Notebook

The peace of nothing

To belong to nothing

To have no pressures

To be in infinite 


Nothing would bring me more


Than nothing

Nothing at all.

~1 December 1971




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hesitate to publish this becasue the nothing I sought was quiet and solitude.  Though I was a teenager when I wrote it.  I wanted everyone to "Leave me alone."

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For a teenager, this is

For a teenager, this is intensely profound.  I applaud your talent, and thank you for sharing your early work.  I never saved mine, but I doubt that it was ever half as good as this.


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Okay On Leave Alone

But plz keep posting. 



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Opps miss tense

I meant to say I wanted everyone to leave me alone , as a teenager,  I'm glad you want me here.