2002 Read these in Order to Follow the Affair

2002 Poems

These poems tell a tale

Written in Chronological order

Like the outline of the book

I wish to write.

They tell the tale of an affair.


He stole her soul 

when he took her Heart

Each blade of feelings

He examined in bed

Lying pillows supporting

Sometime kisses

Sometime retreating

Until that fateful night

In the shed out of the rain

looking out on the night

An Arguemnt on politics

Why couldnt he see

My liberal leaning

The answer to the world.

I hear Alyson Krause

I feel Alyson Krause


Then we tried again

His voice saying yes

from the top of a Colorado mountain

I wasnt alone when he asked

But I made sure I was when I answered

Or did I ask? And he agreed

His infectious energy

Over the wire.

Only to end again

Politics and trust

Why he couldnt trust me

Why I couldnt convert

Why we argued

When we should have been

Making Love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All the poems that begin with dates or in the folder Muse 2002 belong to my book project. 

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Spinoza-Hinoza's picture

“Each blade of feeling, he

“Each blade of feeling, he examined in bed” - I like what is said; I like even more what is left unsaid.


Alyson Krause – no doubt, the maestro of lost love

Arguing when you should have been making love – no doubt, a lament to be remembered.



allets's picture

Book Project?

To be published? Hope so. Sounds pretty good. - Stella