She waits in the water,

And until her time has come

She will stay submerged,

Waiting until everyone

Has offered her what they have

Everything they don't need

So she can satisfy herself

They must pamper to her greed.

"Give me one tenth of all!"

She orders her slaves,

Before the men turn to her,

Foolishly brave and say

"You have no power over us,

We will live and shall die,

However you and your treasures

Shall forever lie

Under this cursed lake,

Where it shall not be disturbed

You can see how far we grow,

But you will never be heard."

And at this she sneered

And chanted every day

Until the men who betrayed her

Had grown old and grey,

Before she was forgotten,

She became a horrible myth

From the old to control the young

Frightening tales of Lilith

And what happened to the Kings son

Well that doesn't matter anymore

Because when everyone least expected it

They were swept down on to the seas floor.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thought I'd try something a tad different.

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allets's picture

Some Myth

Boogeywoman or a parable? Who can tell, who can't...allegorically spoken, Lilith who spits up water while hiding under the ... sea? Ha, not to be taken literally, assuredly - Lilith as bad new/luck/ = allets



captain's picture

Is this a reference to religion?
I love the allegory of the lady under the water and how it dominates this poem. I think the image is very striking, possibly because the name 'Lilith' seems very feminine and unthreatening, whereas she is characterised as a malignent threat hidden from view.