Silent prayers ring forth in desperation
a lonesome voice echoing deep
the sky on fire, red with blood.
as the day draws to a close
on this doomed little world
I close my eyes for the everlasting slumber
and walk in the clouds of peace.
The doomed world holds me not in it's grasp
as I climb higher for the night.
so until the time when light is seen,
I shall make myself scarce amongst the clouds of eternal sleep.  
Farewell I speak as I go into the night.  
Tomorrow brings a silence that nothing can survive.  
For the sunlight of tomorrow already casts
it's wicked shadow upon this doomed land.
I open my heart to the feelings of the world
only to have it torn in two.
Trust and betrayal forever hurting.
I lay down mine head.
Down comes the axe quickly
my head dropping to the ground.
my thoughts and memories pouring out
and my words spilling from my veins.
I open my eyes to find another dream.
An open field full of vibrant flowers.
Yellow flowers move in the breeze
and a river of blood flows.
Clouds move in and thunder claps.
Lightning flashes and ignites the meadow.
An end to a life once so vibrant and beautiful
all that is left now is ashes.
I open my eyes again and stare into the night.
for as the night burns deep into the endless darkness,
so does the day which fast approaches.  
And the day of reckoning brings forth my destiny,
Remember my words as they be only few.
Forever sought a peaceful place in this world
forever sought a beauty not found
long and hard has this soul been wandering
without a place to call home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd like to know what people think this is about...

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Katie McKinney's picture

Joshua, While reading your poem I couldnt help but think it was about the final days of the earth as we know it... Many people shall be beheaded for there belifs in Christ and for not following the antichrist... also the world shall be destroyed by fire (For god promises never again by water) and all shall become ashes.... The saved shall no longer suffer, I felt this was all described in your poem However if I am wrong please correct me *Smiles* Your Friend ~Katie~

poetvg's picture

great work .