Keep Your Head Up

If it is the bottom of the ninth and you got a full count

Don’t stress too much it is still only a guy on the mound

A home run will be one whether on the first pitch or the last

Just keep your head up, only the Lord could account for the past

It is true who we were makes us who we are

As life experiences teach us how to care

But the best experiences come from our mistakes

So keep your head up and raise the stakes

When the day is all bad and the next minute seems like a curse

Just keep your head up, for someone else has it worst

Show some gratitude and learn the lesson of day

Remember there is a tomorrow, a new game to play

The silver lining is there just look a little deeper

You never know what you’ll find if you become the seeker

Keep your head up and concentrate on the change

To make a lonely day just a memory on the range

Keep your composure, keep your strength

Don’t loose your mind over what is bent

Life is a journey and it should be fun

Keep your head up till the game is done

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lonelymemories's picture

THis is a good poem...I really like it...Good job...