Last thing for her


This is a story about Gabriel, he is not like any other 15 year old, the thing about him is that he cares a lot for his family and always looks after them, especially for his little sister, and there is nothing he loves more than her.


It was an early November in 1980’s, Gabriel had just suffered a great loss, her little sister Karla, she was just hit by a truck last night, It was dark and snowy, and Karla wanted to go out and play, unfortunately for her, the ball went past the fence, and when she tried to go and pick it up in the middle of the street a truck came by, the truck had no front lights so she couldn’t had seen it coming, that was the reason of her cold and lonely dead, she was not found till the next morning by the maid who went out to water the plants. Gabriel was devastated; he didn’t know what to do because her little sister was everything to him. Something strange happened three nights after the accident, late in the night Gabriel woke up because she heard some whispers, they came from the bathroom, when he decided to man up and check it out, he found out it was her little sister, the second he saw her, he just had so many mixed feelings that he wanted to throw up, he didn’t know if he was dreaming, he was confused, scared, happy and many other things when he saw her. She was under the sink crying, she felt lonely and afraid and felt like nobody cared for her, Gabriel started talking to her, at first, he was mad and start yelling because he couldn’t understand the fragility of life, the decision that got her killed, the kick of the ball that wasn’t supposed to go past the fence, there were many things he wanted to say, but instead of letting her know what she already knew, he decided to help her, he didn’t knew what to do to make her happy, why was her soul still here, why couldn’t she go and rest in peace? Karla told him she didn’t wanted to go yet, there were still things she needed to do and didn’t wanted to left them undone, I guess that is why Gabriel could see her, their brother bond must be so strong he can even see her and try to help her in the afterlife. Gabriel all confused and happy, decided to help her, he asked her what unfinished business she had there, so she began to tell him, for starters, the neighbor lend me a doll some time ago, I loved it so every time she asked me for it I just made an excuse so I could keep the doll for more time, she also wanted to give the lady in the store some money she owed her, it was a small village so everyone knew each other, Karla asked for some candy in the store and she promised the lady that she will give it back. Gabriel was even more confused, he told her those were insignificant things and that she shouldn’t be worried about that kind of stuff, he just wanted her to rest in peace. Karla told Gabriel, “Oh, and one last thing, I couldn’t go without telling my brother how much I love him and that I wanted him to live a happy and long life, oh, and also you can keep all my toys!” After that, little Karla banished, and Gabriel started crying.

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