A Difference!

I've found my emotion
And put my thoughts in motion
And decided that this notion
Of being alone and lost
Is foolish. I'm a caring soul.
So I wish to care for others.
Let my love spill over and
Be felt by stranger and friend
Alike. I want to make a difference,
Not for me, not for you, but
For all. I don't know how. Yet
I feel like I was made for
The job. I hurt and I feel
The pain of others. I write
These words for self realization,
Not for self recognition or anything
Else. I repeat I want to make
A difference, to leave this world
Better than I found it, and
I will find a way, a way
To teach, a way to learn,
A way to save lives, no
Matter how big or small.
This I swear!

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ReilaMorello's picture

Stick to your guns!

I'm glad you found your path, my dear. Time to find your hiking boots now though.

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I wish I were younger Mr Diamond

I wish I were younger Mr Diamond. A bishu 20 years back would have joined you as lieutenant.Good clean thoughts Mr Diamond the Gem