it's like a puzzle,

a puzzle you got frustrated with,

and hit the table,

scattering pieces all over the floor.

pieces that i, as usual, am left to pick up.

it's like a dog,

one you took home from the pound,

afraid of people and physical touch,

and you tried to get close, knowing it

would probably bite you.

and it did, but still you went back to pet it again, just one more time.

it's a life lesson,

one that you have yet to learn,

but i had already learned a long time ago.

the moral behind respect, truth, honesty, responsibility, and loyalty.

and you choose to let the opportunity to learn constantly pass you by.

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takemewithy0u's picture

This is really good. I would suggest cleaning its appearance up a bit... but the generality of it, I like a lot.