priorities, priorities, priorities.

the only word that comes to mind when i think of you.

when i think of how you'd leave me for your friends.

when i think of your fear of maturity, and responsibility.

when i think of how what makes you happy,

and where i stand in your life,

and how those are now to complete polar opposites.

i think of priorities.

i think of an eighteen year old boy who dropped out of school

because he got bored,

got lazy,

lost motivation,

oh, and that gas was too expensive.

i think of a relationship,

one that had grown serious,

one that was based off of love for one another at one point,

and trust.

but when the love started to fade,

and you pulled back,

and our trust in each other began to weaken,

this is what we were left with.


two very different sets.

a girl,

with a family on her mind,

and education.

a girl who wanted to just live her life and do the right thing.

a boy,

who wanted to waste his life,

and education.

a boy who wanted to party and waste his time on people who put

budlight over him.

a girl who cared.

a boy who didn't,

and was willing to lose her.

here's to hoping he matures,

and hoping that when that time comes,

the girl gets the best revenge,

by being happy with someone else.

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Glennisha Gabriel's picture

Very nice poem.. And I understand exactly where your coming from.