inside of me,

there is hatred for you.

it burns like fire as it courses

through my veins,

tainting my blood stream.

it is a silent scream,

an ache in every

single heart beat.

it pours out when i am cut,

when i am hurt,

when i am angry.

it lacks the copper taste and

staining color of blood,

but it is there.

in every word spoken,

it reminds me of what you did.

not with words,

not with actions,

but with your corruptive mind.

the words you ensnared me with,

the lies you fed to keep me calm,

and the promises you never kept.

inside of me,

there is an empty space.

a space that was once filled,

with smiles and treasured moments,

and kisses and a mental image

of a heart.

but you couldn't stand that.

you hollowed it out,

you hollowed me out.

carved me like a wooden ship,

and then you plunged that ship into the water,

pushing it forward,

urging it to disrupt the serene waters that lay beneath it,

until there were tidal waves and hurricanes.

in your wake you left emptiness and despair.

and now that is all i know.

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