i know tomorrow,

my words might mean nothing to you

and this night may be a far off memory.

and you will tell all your friends.

but for tonight, and maybe just tonight,

it's just you and me, these pillows and sheets

tangled up and enmeshed, and i can't tell where you end

and where i begin.

i can forget if i've lost myself in fantasy

and the dreams and hopes of you i know you'll never fulfill.

you can forget all the burdens i bear

that you can do nothing about, the stresses you get

merely from my presence.

because now we are curled up and watching "Sandlot"

i fell asleep in your embrace and it was everything i'd imagined, leading me to spare thoughts of "what if..?" that you chase away with a kiss.

for me this is heaven, and i never want to leave.

an awkward phone call breaks the sleepy silence i had quickly become content with

and you pull on your pants

and hand me my clothes

paradise is lost, a moment too soon and

reality crashes down around us like a cold steel curtain.

i love you too much to linger, so i pack up and head home.

knowing, i won't forget.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

that night.
and it was amazing.

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