Crawling deeper in

You’re buried alive

In your own skin to save us all

You do such stupid things

Dry heaves

Dry shaving

Dry sex with anyone who’s willing

(no wonder they call you a whore)

you move it all around

tossing the L word to whoever

will catch it to save you

you numb yourself down to

carry all your baggage

you know your relationship

with Raoul or Miguel or Pablo

(whatever it was you named him,


it’s doomed and gone to waste

you were just a fling

Hollow yourself out

Make some room and move over

‘cause pretty soon there will be

no more empty spaces

for you to fill with

sins, taboo violations, mind

numbing substances  until

you will just cry yourself to sleep

at night

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Lauren Ellis's picture

Wow, gritty, vivid. Effective though, you really do write great poems.