twice nowhere

My Dirty Laundry..

fear from my pain, it runs up and down

my spine like a networks, it sits

deep seated in my brain,

refusing to move, defiant and denying.

coldness on my lips, the cold is

numbing me from within i can feel it

from my toes to my finger tips, i almost

feel like a shot in my spine wouldn't kill

me now, i'm already dead now

you can't hurt me now, i'm frozen.

i look behind me at my twice

nowhere past

i look for where i fucked up

i looked forward at my future in life,

it seems to go nowhere, so short

and denying, so defiant and refusing,

why did i even bother?

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Lauren Ellis's picture

I liked the title, and the poem itself was haunting and raw.
The description used was fantastic. Oh, and the running lines, that continued on, were very effective.

Lauren x