This Summer

And this is my summer

the summer of life stories and things you won't forget

of brief flings and keeping things secret

of poetry, values (moral boundaries and calories)

of rooftops and awareness of what i do to them

of breaking down, emo tears, hiding

of returning to a happy place

of red cuts and fake wine and permanent marker

of inside jokes

of awkard turtles and tampons (tampoon!)

of the best ever sex and kissing

of a 67% realization (waiting for fall, back to normal)

of sex in bracelets

of other people's clothing and black nail polish

of phone numbers, confiscation, all things musical

of the Emo kid, my Ipod, my laptop

of short shorts and mardi gras beads

of diaries, journals, madmen

of throwing chairs, breaking sticks

of stolen Ipods, beef jerky, and cafeteria sodas

of two daily showers, sleeping

of nightmares and hallucinations

of nicknames and stupid fights

of satan the retarded trex

of the laughing stock of fat school

of boyfriends and girlfriends, no contacts and five foots

of collecting rappels like candy

of maturing and various distances from home and my parents

of '06 and awaiting my sweet sixteen, of Dusk and summer and shiny things

of being weird and thus being sexy

of saying "fuck off" and stalkers

of exes at my windows

of nudity and romance novels

of musicals and mintsof Wicked and thumbtacks

of Anne Rice and spanish rice

of cheap perfume, fabreeze and ketchup(!)

I'll do with it as I please

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Lauren Ellis's picture

Obviously this poem can't really mean anything to me because its about your summer, but i really like it when people do stuff like this, it's sometimes nice to just get it all down. Cool.