Keeping all this pain inside myself so

that nobody will get hurt...

It only results to more agony, agony that

I can't seem to hide.

This anger, this hate, resentment and

this fear...they're merging with my body...

And it's making me hurt so badly. I can hear

Death, calling my name, as I sit

Alone at recess, awaiting for the

Bell to ring.

I can feel the

Souls of the dead, those that want

my own death to be slow and painful,

Reaching out, and touching me.

Making my pain increase.

It's like the more angry I get, the more

That the demon inside of me that is becoming a

part of me, grows, and gets stronger. And I fear that

Eventually, it will take over. And then

I will lose what tiny bit of sanity I'm holding onto right now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Written for the monster I'm becoming..

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Cory Rist's picture

You seem to understand how I feel though you dont even know me. It is kind of nice to know there are people out there who know what I have been through and what I continue to go through. Thank you even though I dont know who you are still thank you.

Nikki Reents's picture

Hey Miaka

I've read through several of your poems...And each one portrays an extreme amount of talent. I love the feeling behind them...You are amazing. I guess the biggest reason I decided to critique on this one, is, well, becuz I can relate to it. When I was about your age, I felt this way. Cant say going through a divorce added to it...I went through that when I was five...But I can relate to the recess thing. I was the class outcast. 5th grade verbal and physical punching bag. It was horrible. But I can promise you that things CAN change. As bad as everything seems now, it can get better if you believe it will. You seem like an awesome person who has a wonderful, caring heart. You simply need to find someone who will see that...You may already have but just havent noticed their kindness just yet. It will come though...It will.

Kepp writing through your stress. Poetry simplifies life, and heals the soul. Never stop.