Stone Cold Liar

I don't understand

every word you say

every breath you take

it's all a sham.

you had my trust

you had me believing

but the reality is,

you haven't changed at all.

So step up, step up

And tell me what you're going to do.

Make your moves predictable

make your lies unhurting

So step up or shut up

because i'm better off believing

every spoken word a lie

i'm better off with my first impression

the reason i left you initially

better off wishing you were honest

than convincing myself you are

you will watch me walk away

and be helpless to stop me

i am hurt and i know you will lash out

but it won't stop me now that i know

you have this pattern and it's fatalistic

there is no you, only me

and i've come around

so step up, step up

and tell me what you're gonna do

cause it's 7:30

and at eight, I'm leaving

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Seth Gardner's picture

I never wanted you to feel this way. If you belive me... Im still in Hell(AoS) dreaming about you every second i get... hopefully I'll talk to you soon


Sethward =P