Foolishly In Love


Bit by bit, I'm starting to remember

Those terrible things you said last December

About how stupid I was, and you said I was a whore

I tried to forget it, but I can't anymore

I thought that you'd loved me in the previous year

When I heard you'd lied to me, I wished I could disappear

The sadness that your "love" brought me

And all times you lied

You'd slowly, quickly, taken me

And in the heat of the moment, my spirit died

And bit by bit, it all came back

The pain, the loss, the way you lie

My mind slowly slipped off track

And I was so preoccupied, I couldn't hear myself begin to cry

I didn't want these memories

I hoped that they weren't true

I hoped that you were still in love with me

Like I'm still foolishly in love with you

Author's Notes/Comments: 


To Jake Hecker. May you get beaten by a thousand trolls of equal beauty. :) (Therefore, none)

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dasweetyjd's picture

Your poem is so moving. I especially related to that line that said " mind slowly slipped off track and I was so preoccupied, I couldn't hear myself begin to cry...". I've felt what you've written before, but you capture it so well. good writing.