"More to it all"


There's more to me

Beyond what you see

Look me in the eye.

Cos I'm about to cry...

   Don't blink and miss it all

      A s   I   s l i p  a n d   f   a  l  l . . . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I wrote this one while half asleep on the couch like a month ago...Just got around to publishing it LOL!!

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Sandeep  N S's picture

Ur sleep too is so meaningful:-)Another wonderful expression.And its true too,Indeed there is alot beyond what we see,in every one and in everything.Hey even a sleep,too is soo mysterious,Right?

Lot of great stuffs u got out here.Hey me2 sleeps sometimes like that Slip and f a l l=)Excactly with the same gaps too:-)