First Kiss brought Lost Love

Fireworks came with our first kiss

Just like everybody said

But now I think there's something that I did miss

That has to be why I didn't see the many tears I'd shed

When we first kissed, I knew I'd lost you

To the passions inside

I used to think our love was true

But that was before I'd cried

It seems a kiss brought the end to love

Though usually it brings the start

It was not heaven-sent, from up above

And that's why we're apart

Little did I know what you were like

Although I know it now

You and a monster are so alike

And I'm telling you this for it's my vow

To never see you again

And live my life in peace

Only will I be happy then

When this abuse will cease

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lavalady's picture

YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL WRITER! seriously... I'm amazed at your talent,... I can learn so much from you, and you've been where I have been and written it all down for the both of us.