Tragic Heroine

And she hid beneath the bushes

Watching their lives waste away

Scattered to oblivion

Within the breaks of day

Her own life was a sheltered one

Wasted in her room

As she waited til her time was done

All alone in silent gloom

She watched them with a frightened gaze

Her heart beating against her chest

They vanished with the suns first rays

And sent her on a quest

A broken heart beat still in her

For her lover she had lost

The days and nights began to blur

As did the many paths she crossed

She met many people along the way

Who had searches of their own

But as they saw her, they would say

"My dear, you're all alone!"

She crossed and crossed forever til

She found him in the blight

Hoping that he'd love her still

She crossed slowly into night

Reunited once again

They celebrated in their own way

Yet even then evil did reign

And the lovers had to pay

A gruesome battle they then fought

Against the minions of the night

And the tragic heroine was soon caught

And the evil held her tight

Her lover came to rescue her

From evils deadly hold

And not even lovers like they were

Can escape a path foretold

They died in each others warm embrace

As evil banished them

Hurled through the passage of time and space

As they had been condemned

Condemned to a life within a death

They were together, yet alone

They waited until their last breath

To make a fate of their own

Together they ended the war

So neither side had won

Unconscious of what was in store

They knew not what they had done

Still asleep inside their beds

Not a sound passed from eithers lips

The battle was inside their heads

As away reality slips

United by a fateful dream

In love they fell at last

They thought it was as it should seem

As though it was their past

The future came in untold dreams

Mirroring their lives

Nothing is as it should seem

For in darkness, evil thrives

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I spelled heroine's like, the female version of hero. I wrote this one at summer camp, as I was trying to write a poem about a hero for an assignment..It was not the right kind, you see. I only started about the first two stanzas there, and finished them all here :)..I like this one alot!

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