Abstract figures

Stolen days and stolen breaths

Taken from me with force

Inside I've died a thousand deaths

Tears running a steady course

All this pain inside my heart

Everything trying to pull us apart

Hating you is wonderful

Yet loving you was pure ecstasy

So confused, not knowing what to do

Not finding where I belong

All I have left are these lies from you

Not knowing if you lied all along

Trying in vain to pull away

Looking for my life again

Running whenever I may

Decide to figure out how to escape

Why am I doing this?

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Thank you for your comment :)

I've read some of your works - and I like them. I love how you worte something of the likes of: I've died a million deaths... I'm sorry that i don't remember it exactly - and I apologize for my English...

I really like your works. I love the titles.

- Camilla