'Don't save me anymore..'

Now I see what I didn't before

You really care for me, you do.

And tohugh I may secretly want something more

I'm happy, knowing you're so true

You seem to always put your life on the line

You're always protecting me somehow

You've gotten hurt just trying to save mine

And I can't bear seeing you hurt like this right now

And though you're telling me the faults not mine

I know what you're saying isn't true.

Cuz if I hadn't done that then you'd be just fine

You'd be better of protecting someone new.

But no matter what I yell at you in angry tears

I know we fight that like often

Cos deep inside I know only you can calm my fears

Dispell the angry gods once again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to that bloody little guardian of mine, Christov :)

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jgupta's picture

Hi Miaka,
You have written a beautiful thought in a more beautiful way. Your feelings perhaps calmed down after you did put them on paper.