"Tell me this isn't over..."


Our paths crossed once, twice, many times

I wish, but don't know why

The whispering wind unsettles the chimes

As I sit alone, outside, and I cry

What will happen to our story untold?

How the rest of our lives unfold?

When you're alone again, will you whisper my name?

Why can't we ever be the same?

But in your dearest memories, would you remember our love?

When I'm so alone, you're who I think of

As long as we remember we never will part

Have you just locked me away in your heart?

Please, please tell me this isn't over...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I tried to model this after something somebody sent me years ago.. And deep in your heart, you know who you are.. I want to be your canary.

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Jewel Anderson's picture

hey. i just wanted to tell you how much i liked this poem. i've felt the same way before, and its really great to read poetry that you can relate to. keep up the great work, and feel free to check out my attempts at writing.

Summer Williams's picture

I liked this poem. it is sweet.keep writing and i'll keep reading.

jgupta's picture

Very familiar experience and words. All go through.