"Good times?"

My Dirty Laundry..

Everybody says that you should just remember the good times..

But I can't, because the good times..

Well, I lost them. Because I hurt him.

And it hurts me so bad..I just want to cry when I think of him.

And when I think of how it used to be.

How it used to be, when it was just him and me

Nobody but us, in our own little world-

How it used to be,

Before the clowns came in

Before our worlds split

Before I was a sin.

But I can't ever get that back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm kicking myself for losing my boyfriend...so I've made like a series of nonrhyming poems...this being one of them :)

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candi's picture

hey.... i know exactly how you feel... i screwed up and i lost my boyfriend which is the first boy i ever loved and now he is dating one of my friends.... good poem... keep writing