"Where are you now?"

Where are you now?

I'm searching, but all I can see

Amidst all this chaos, its only just me

Just me, there is nothing left to see

Happy is something its hard to be

When out of the dust of the chaos I rise

Alone, helpless, weak, & deprived

of the "Social Norm", my own big cheese

Someone, in fact, who I CAN please

Who loves me for me, not what they see

Because when there is nothing to see

Nothing to be, no one but me

I told you this would happen, our hearts would divide-

I knew we couldn't last all of the time.

Now we're through, over at last, and ended with rhyme

Our one last kiss, and you leave with one final bow,

And so, Prince Charming... Where are you now?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really liked this one :)

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I liked this poem, too.LOL!