And so its the end.

Its the end of the story, the end of the line

The end of all of my wasted time

The end of all my love wasted on you

The end of all of my crying, too

But just because it feels like the end,

Does that mean that I can't still be your friend?

I don't know if I hate you or not

After all of the battles we have angrily fought

It'll be hard to be with you, being friends and all

Harder to see you since you're my downfall

Harder and harder and harder each day

Harder and harder to stay away

Softer and softer and softer I cry

Sobbing and wailing and wanting to die

Wanting to be held in your warm arms

Wanting to be the receiver of all of your charms

Missing and missing and missing you more

Missing you, tasting you, open your door

Will you wait for me in our spot at night?

Will you still be there to calm my fright?

...And so its the end.

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Summer Williams's picture

This is also a great poem of urs. i hope 2 read more of ur work and i hope u'll read sum of mine.keep writing