And she was a puppet,

Controlled by fear,

Made to dance around til' a crowd drew near,

Make a fool of herself

in front of everyone else,

She lived the life of a puppet.

Silent and mute, no words escaped

Her wooden mouth was covered with tape,

She could not laugh, she could not cry,

No matter how much she longed to die-

She lived the life of a puppet.

She lived solely to fulfill his needs,

His wants, desires, and all his greeds,

To provide entertainment on a boring day-

She lived the life of a puppet.

Tied to him by iron strings,

No swords, no knives, or and no sharp things

Could ever cut the link to him-

She lived the life of a puppet.

"I'm tired of this!" she cried one day

To the puppeteer's utter dismay,

But no matter how she ran away,

She lived the life of a puppet.

He drew her back to his foul embrace,

Her painted smile on a porcelain face,

A precious doll in a precious case-

She lived the life of a puppet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know somewhere I had continued this but I can't find it...So, here it is. This personally is one of my FAVORITES

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John Chapman's picture

I really hope this comes across right. "I would kill myself if it wasn't for death.ā€ I guess I should explain myself a little more, to kill who I am and become someone new, but be spared the clean slate that death brings. To keep the knowledge of my past life so that no new strings could be attached . . . I have gone a round about way of saying that I really enjoyed this poem, and I can truly relate to it . . . Iā€™m sadden to have read that there is more to this poem, I would have so loved to have read it in its entirety . . .