Im not what you perceive me to be,

What you see is not really me

Its a fake, all a fraud,

Nothing is real

Tell me, faker,

Can't you see how I feel?

This is not enough, and it never will be

You're too stupid to see that this is Me

It's not all about you

You self centered brats

You stupid bimbos, you act like hoes

You make me wish I don't know you

Until I break down, and I finally burst

I never want to be like you, cuz thats the worst

Walkin' around so people look up my skirt

Walkin' around at the mall with barely a shirt

I'm fully clothed, thank you, and boys still like me

I'm never like you, and I never will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

uhm...EH? Made against preppy school girls

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truths's picture

powerful poem

Lauren Ellis's picture

I go to a private girls school, and bar one or two people, I feel like this about almost all the girls there, very well expressed. The only good thing about people like this is that you appreciate people who are real and genuine even more that you would.
Lauren x

Kandyce Sampson's picture

tee hee, props to you girl, it was funny.