No matter what you say, it's true-You never wanted me.

I fake it, like I don't hear what you say that's hidden beneath the smiles- I hear it

And don't tell me you don't-I know you do

You break me, shake me, you try to take me over..

This madness'll never stop.

I once thought You were evil..

But now its me.


If the only way to escape this evil is death, dying, dying..


My last breath, a wisp of smoke

Vanishes into the air

The choice is gone...

You're everywhere.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I used in one of my profiles. It doesn't really rhyme, but I just had to get out my feelings. *sighs* It's hard to be a reject sometimes.

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niltak's picture

hey... this is an awesome poem and everyone feels unwanted and being a reject has happened to so many as welll thats y so many "rejects" can write such great poems...look on the bright side u can atleast get it out while others cant even do that...u write very well and keep it up...and yes i will be like everyone else and say that i can also relate to this poem cause it kind of feels like reading my life on paper...keep up the awesome poems...

Jamie Gillaspie's picture

I like this one. I feel like that a lot so I can relate. Maybe that's why I like it who knows? I don't rhyme all the time either. You commented on how one of my other poems was violent.. I have a more violent one. It's just not posted. Maybe now I'll post it. I like you're stuff anf thanks.