Little Dancer

Alone in the world

A brave little girl

Takes life in her hands

And beings to dance

Faster and faster, how quickly she goes

And nobody, nobody, nobody knows-

The life that she leads

Like colored beads,

Rolling and spinning, she's out of control

Until all her dancing has taken its toll

The tiny little girl then falls to the floor

Sobbing and crying that comes from her core

Crying for mercy from heaven above

Wondering why nobody shows her love

So away she runs

To the kingoms of suns

Where she can't get hurt

Can't get shoved in the dirt

She'll have the courage, the pride

That was nearly lost deep inside

Her soul will run free

And she'll finally see...

    Life goes on.

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Becca Taylor's picture

Great poem! It's very well written. Often I feel like the little girl in your poem. Thanks for posting.