Confessions of a tragic soul

I still feel sad since you hurt me that day,

I've tried really hard just to stay away

It seems nothing works, you're still on my mind

You're who I think of when I get the time

And I know when I see you I'm just going to cry

But I'll keep my head up- I've got to try.

And there's plenty of fish left for me in the sea

But somehow I still think you're the fish made for me

Deep down, I know you two will eventually end

And right now I'll just have to settle for friends

But under it all,beneath my pride-Beneath the feelings I've chosen to hide

It hurts me so much, deep down inside

Like shaking the salt into my open wounds

That's what it feels like when I see you two

Together, in love, or so you think

And right when I see you my heart seems to sink

But I know the truth, I know that you're wrong

And although your relationship may seem quite long

I'll be on my way,

Wait one more day

To you, a goodbye, and good luck

Unless, as I fear, you never breakup

And then I'm going to need all the luck

Until you aren't to deaf, dumb, and blind to see-

It's not her you should want, Prince Charming, it's me.

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Becca Taylor's picture

I can relate to this poem so much. I had these same exact thoughts and feelings when me and my boyfriend broke up.