"Lost him for good"


I know I shouldn't feel this way, and I don't want to feel this way..But I do.

I feel horrible, and jealous for what I'm letting her do-but I shouldn't.

I want her to have him. I try to show everyone that.

But it's not working for me, I can prove it to all but myself.

Because deep down, I still want him.

And I'm just sitting back and letting her take the man who used to be my Tamahome.

I'm letting her, and she seems to take forever. She seems to not try.

I don't know..Is it working? He doesn't seem too affected..

But I know something deep down that neither know..

I've lost him for good, because of me.

I broke his heart, and this time he seriously got over me.

And I'm still not over him.

I still miss him sometimes- I still miss his warm embrace, him holding me so tightly..

I miss how it felt like there was no one but us.

I miss him, and now I can't get him back. Ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one does not rhyme :)... For my ex, Hee-chan.

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Jedi Trowa (Kiyoshi) Barton's picture

This is really good. ^_^ Fushigi Yûgi is one of my favorite anime! Chichiri is my favorite No Da. This is wonderful. I wish I had my own Tamahome >_<. I'm sorry you miss him. Actually this reminds me of when Yui stole Tamahome from Miaka.