And she called for help,

But no one came.

She had to fight- Alone again.

And the fire burned and consumed their hearts

Dark as night, their missing parts,

And the heart of the Heartless she kept searching for,

The opening to his locked door,

The golden Key to save them all

from Insanity, their downfall

She fought and killed, she lost and died

And the alone that night she cried

For the love of her life who left her alone

Trapped behind doors,stuck in a world of his own

The Key was unfound

The mysteries bound

To a lock in her heart

The first place to start-

Was at the beginning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one's to Zai. And i changed it, too, from the original. Hope you like it!

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lavalady's picture

wow! this ones good 2! I love your style of poetry, you tell everything in a story, its really good!