I'm dying inside...So don't forget.


I'd do anything to bring you back

I'm dying inside, so cut me some slack

I miss you so much, why can't you see

Your wandering spirit's haunting me

Stolen jewelery, broken glass

Resurfacing faces from my forgotten past

Memories haunt me now as dreams

Is anything ever quite as it seems?

There's so much now that I regret

So tell me, are you going to forget

Each promise you've made to me

Help me find my own identity

Let me follow

In my endless sorrow

I'm dying inside..

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jacey's picture

miaka dude this poem rocks my face off. strait up!!!!!!!!!!! your only fourteen and you right better than i do. holy crap. anyway look me up im in the H'S Hoff, Jacey
catch ya later.

dont ever quit

Melissa Thomas's picture

Thats a great poems and its hits close to home. I love the way your poems can express anything from happiness to depression. I think you do a wonderful job writing your poems and I wish mine could be half as good. Keep up the great work!