that strange space of time

 4 a.m. The house smells of you.

I wake to the humming of the fridge: adieu, adieu—

The snacks, a small barbarian hand has pillaged.


The curtains flash the kitchen walls,

And I wonder who forgot

To wave the moon Goodnight;

Ashoot, Ashoot,

The windows slide then crash.

I float to my books—

But decide it's too soon,

To stir the electric sun.


A snooze, a snooze

That little dog and his nightly ruse!

Oh, it is you.

Asleep on that awkward caboose

Of the living room.


Little, little cub

Without her fur covering,

Probably dreaming of food;

That pillow, like a candy pill looks yum—

Chew, chew, chew—

Too big to swallow whole, your restless mouth knew.


Look at you. So snug,

Yet sprawled so obtuse

On the leathery booth

That sells you so pretty—

Silly, silly you...

With your baby drool,

And your sleepy achoos

That your nose wiggles out:


Only if you knew,

How much I love you

Like this.

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I Like Your Form

Very nicely composed - great images - Stella -